Meet our partners: the companies and individuals that help us produce our world-first technology.


Access to McLaren Applied Technologies world-leading technology helps us create world-leading products. McLaren Applied Technologies uses insights gained from its experience in Formula 1, from training drivers (who are elite athletes in their own right) to the way teams are organised, and applies it to improving the way we live, work and travel. Its skill in using data and predictive analytics to improve outcomes for individuals changes lives for the better.

Our user interface and behavioural change engine are underpinned by the speed and intelligence of McLaren’s health analytics platform, refined over a decade of gathering data from athletes. Synonymous with success and wellbeing, McLaren’s expertise is available to our customers and we use it to help them achieve their goals.
Our partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies connects our technology to the knowledge of one of the world’s most innovative brands. The result will be products that offer a new kind of wellness.