L3M Technologies helps people navigate life’s biggest moments, and our products are designed to help and support people to reach their goals.

We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals – engineers, data scientists, coaches, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and more. From the man who launched the world’s first fitness wearable to today’s leading nutritionists, we work with the best experts in their field to create products that our customers can trust.

A nimble team with a cutting-edge partner: McLaren Applied Technologies. Together, we’ve created our behavioural change engine. It powers our products and it’s the core technology at the heart of our digital coaches. It learns what a customer wants and needs and then offers advice and help based on that knowledge. Its recommendations are relevant and achievable, so our customers will act on them and feel the benefit.

We’ve spent the last year developing, refining and perfecting a way to bring personalised wellness insights to pregnant women and parents with new-borns.